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Quantitative Reasoning Courses

In February 2015, MichMATYC member institutions were invited to attend a workshop regarding development of Quantitative Reasoning (QR) courses which are Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) compliant. Below are documents from various MichMATYC institutions detailing their efforts in creating these courses.

If you have any questions concerning Quantitative Reasoning Course Development, please contact Jack Rotman. If you would like your institution’s Quantitative Reasoning course materials posted, please send documents and pertinent details to michmatyc@gmail.com.

Institution Documents
Association of American Colleges and Universities Quantitative Literacy VALUE Rubric
MichMATYC Quantitative Reasoning Standards & References
Delta College Course Information
Eastern Michigan University Course Information
Henry Ford College Course Information
Kalamazoo Valley CC Course Information
Math Pathways Document
Lansing CC Course Information
Math Pathways Document
Mid-Michigan Community College Course Information
Mott CC Course Information
Math Pathways Document
Muskegon CC Course Information
Oakland CC Course Information (Math Literacy)
Course Information (Quantitative Reasoning)

MichMATYC ListServ

Members of MichMATYC are automatically included in our email discussion list “MichMATYC ListServ”. This email list is intended for both official organizational business and the individual interests of members and member institutions. The email list can be used by members to request information from other colleges, to share ideas, or discuss issues. Only members of MichMATYC can join the list. If you are a member of MichMATYC, please add MichMATYC-List@michmatyc.org and michmatyc.org to your “safe-senders” list. The email list is maintained by the treasurer/secretary.

How do I use the MichMATYC ListServ?

MichMATYC members may send an email to MichMATYC-List@michmatyc.org to have their messages distrubuted to other members of the list - it is as simple as that! However, please note that only emails from MichMATYC members will be allowed to be sent through the ListServ.

Do I need to email the webmaster to use the ListServ?

No! Members can feel free to email MichMATYC-List@michmatyc.org directly to distribute their messages.

How do I become a member of MichMATYC in order to use the MichMATYC ListServ?

Head to the Membership page for more information!

AMATYC’s Student Math League in Michigan

The AMATYC Student Mathematics League (SML) consists of over 190 colleges nationwide. Each year, these schools compete in the Student Mathematics League. The contest consists of two rounds: one in the fall, and another in the winter. Prizes are awarded to the top student and college scorers in the nation. Schools in Michigan compete both regionally in the Midwest Region (including Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin) and on the national stage.

For more information on the competition, scholarships, and previous exams, please see the AMATYC Student Mathematics League. You can also find the archived results of Michigan’s successes in the AMATYC Student Mathematics League.

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